Geo Gallery 2 -- Ore Types of the Rammelsberg Deposit in Germany :

Few ore deposits ever have been of such importance and sustainability as the Rammelsberg mine at Goslar in Northern Germany. Started in 968 or even earlier this exceedingly rich copper, lead and zinc mine was in continuous production until 1988, that is more than 1000 years ! Emperors and kings got their silver, gold and copper from this mountain and made adjoining Goslar one of the richest towns of Germany. A world class deposit indeed !

More recently the ores of the Rammelsberg with more than 20 % combined metal content were the crown jewel of the many mines of the Preussag company. Since 1988 the Rammelsberg is believed to be exhausted, though current exploration aims to find new ore reserves. Today the Rammelsberg mine is a World Heritage Site and a major part of the surface buildings as well as part of the underground system can be visited.

More information about the Rammelsberg can be found in this German publication and on the website of the Rammelsberg Mining Museum.

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